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"... I just have to chase my dream, no matter what problems I face." Sasha


Twickenham Academy wanted to celebrate their Year 11s (15-16 year olds) mock exam results with a day to inspire and motivate them for their main exams over the summer.

Presenting to the entire year group (130 young people), 䦒樌 SeeGarn started with a motivational speech on careers and life journeys, before undertaking enterprise focussed carousel workshops to present the young people with a variety of post educational options with the aim to inspire them to create their own route into work.

The students then split into groups to consider the pros and cons of each option and to reflect upon which options would personally be suitable for them. Following a fun, informative and interactive presentation session, the 䦒樌 SeeGarn facilitators and senior staff from the school provided a closing plenary to enthuse and encourage students for the next steps on their educational path.

I enjoyed learning about the different options available to me after school / college. After the workshop, I feel more inspired to follow my passion!


Aged 15 - Twickenham Academy

I enjoyed how inclusive it was. The activities were really thought provoking and I am inspired to take control over my life. My future is mine, I’ll make it what I want it to be! Respect.


Aged 15 - Twickenham Academy

Today was really good because it opened my eyes to how real life is right now… What I do right now, will decide what my future looks like. I’ve never looked at it like that before. Cheers


Aged 16 - Twickenham Academy

I feel happier now because I know that even if I fail, I can still be successful. I just have to chase my dream, no matter what problems I face.


Aged 15 - Twickenham Academy

Everyone is always telling me what to do with my life but this workshop inspired me to think about what I want to do. You talk to us, not at us! Thank you


Aged 16 - Twickenham Academy

This workshop was brilliant! It taught me to take the many different employment options available to me into consideration.


Aged 15 - Twickenham Academy

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