Leadership Training

Engaging & Employing

Training Focus

  • Millennials’ have a raft of skills to offer modern businesses. Employers are keen to support this emerging talent into the world or work but do not always know how to attract, retain and support this cohort

  • This insightful training programme is designed to give participants an in depth knowledge on millennials entering the world of work and empower participants to be more confident to attract, retain and support them once in post

Learning outcomes

  • Gain knowledge on the current youth employment landscape and the employability mindset of millennials

  • Understand the key drivers for millennials entering employment, their goals, ambitions and what organisations can do to support these goals

  • Learn and explore Millennials social conscious and how your current organisation can support millennials desire to make an impact on the world around them

  • Explore why some millennials have the technical skills for the role but lack the soft skills needed to be successful

  • Learn what learning & development programmes can be put into place to support Millennials in their roles

  • Be more confident to attract, retain and support millennials into an organisation

Target Audience & Format

  • This training course is offered as a half and full day option

  • Ideal for organisations looking to attract, retain and support young people into employment

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