Leadership Training

Graduate Leadership

Training Focus

  • Graduates enter the world of work optimistic about the world of work and the impact they can have within an organisation

  • This course is designed to harness this optimism, support emerging talent and develop tomorrows leaders

Learning Outcomes

  • Prepare graduates for the transition into full time employment and provide practical tools for employment

  • Gain an increased understanding on unique skill set and how these skills connect into the world of work

  • Understand how unique skill set can have a profound impact on helping organisations achieve their vision

  • Develop and apply leadership styles and skills

  • Be more confident to manage challenging situations and develop the ability to adapt to all working environments

  • Explore the importance of softs skills in the workplace with a key focus on: Resilience, Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving and Self Motivation

Target Audience & Format

  • This training course is offered as a half and full day option

  • Ideal for anyone in the early stages of their career

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